STEP 1. Proper Preparation of State Corporation forms for filing your new INC., Worldwide Google Business Listing, Worldwide 411 listing, EIN number application, new company email address, DUNS number proper application set up with the BUSINESS credit bureaus. There are several mistakes that people make when they try to obtain their DUNS number that end up costing hundreds of dollars and get them denied for credit. When you sign up with us, one of the things you will do is get a DUNS number the CORRECT way.

STEP 2. Getting your “base” vendor accounts. We give you vendors to get approved with. You will get at least three of these vendors to extend credit to YOUR company. You WILL NOT need personal guarantees and none of your personal credit information will be required.

STEP 3. This step is strictly confidential. This is an area that we CONSTANTLY see new businesses have no clue about and those that do usually make a mess of it. You will be getting several more credit lines established such as gas cards than more store accounts – all without any regard to your personal credit (our whole program is based on building your BUSINESS credit, and does not depend on the quality of your personal credit.)

STEP 4. After showing positive payment history, you will THEN and ONLY THEN apply for specific accounts in Step 4. Because you’ve done each and every previously laid out step, you will then be approved for companies from Step 4. These are credit cards from large, reputable stores. Using and paying THESE cards on time will build your credit worthiness.

STEP 5. High Dollar Limit credit lines. After the Step 4 cards have flowed through to the credit bureaus (which takes about 9 Months), you’ll get the Step 5 credit lines, many of which are HIGH DOLLAR. Prior to Step 5, each line of credit you receive can be $2,000-$10,000. On Step 5, you can receive approvals for $2,000 $10,000 and even some $20,000 each. After Step 5, you can likely have $100,000 in combined business credit accounts established under your COMPANY name in approximately one year. Many of our clients have gotten up to $100,000 in business credit approvals after having executed Steps 1-5.

>>Our one-time fee of $725.00 covers all the above services for your company.

We cannot guarantee what any bank will do and we do not make loans. We teach you how to qualify and receive corporate business credit without being a guarantor. After properly using our corporate credit information, your company will be qualified and prepared to receive plausible funding.